Thursday, August 7, 2008

football season is here

whos ready for football
i know im ready we have
been undeafeted for two
years i love it but its so
hot outside but its still

Monday, June 23, 2008

all about the ms bike race

this past weekend my mom and dads bike team has done
a 175 mile bike in chicigo. and you have no idea how prowd
i am of them . they did great each and every one of them.
my mom has ms multiple sclerosis thats what ms stands for.
the name of their team is parrothead peddlers. if you like
to you can go to their website
you will see a lot pictures of the team and their blog!
you have know idea how many times they practice they
practice on tuesday thursday saturday and sunday.
keep up the good work just because the ride is over
for this year does not mean theres not room for
inprovement. go team copaxone!!!!